Versions tested: 2007.8
Optimal parameters: -
Authors: Piotr Tarsa
Algorithms: LZP+ARI
Notable peformances: -


TarsaLZP uses order-4 LZP, order-8 LZP and order-2 PPM. LZP models are adaptively switched - program uses model that currently gives higher probability of a match. If symbol isn't matched, then it goes to PPM coder.


Source code is written in FASM language.

the program documentation


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Disqualified: program produces no output, no error message is given.

Disqualified (why) configurations (with qualification ratings)
Ver Rating CPR DPR S.E. R.E. Ratio C. kB/s D. kB/s
2007.8 - (q1, q2)

Version info

2007.8, tar: yes, mode: n/a, crc32: n/a, decoder: n/a, tested: 2009 Mar 29
compression: encode.exe <src> <cfile>
decompression: decode.exe <cfile> <src>