Versions tested: 0.99d
Optimal parameters: default
Authors: Willem Monsuwe
Algorithms: BWT+MTF+ARI
Notable peformances: -


[...] implementation of the Burrows-Wheeler Transform, coded from scrap, using ideas from various sources, including:
source code


The compressor is featured in the BWT comparison.

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Compiled with MinGW 3.4, see the linked package.

Qualified configurations
Ver Rating CPR DPR S.E. R.E. Ratio C. kB/s D. kB/s
0.99d 17 26 3 75 0 2.972 7314 10995

Version info

0.99d, tar: yes, mode: 32-bit, crc32: f0a682d0, decoder: 11 kB, tested: 2010 Apr 19
compression: bwc.exe -k <args> <src>
decompression: bwc.exe -d -k <cfile>
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