Versions tested: 0.79
Optimal parameters: -m2 -d7
Authors: Andrew Filinsky
Algorithms: PPM
Notable peformances: -


The program has following compression related options:

v0.79 program documentation


The author submitted the following configurations:

I think, it is enough to test Bee archiver with next switch combinations:
-m1 -d8 -s
-m2 -d8 -s
-m3 -d8 -s
-d8 uses 640Mb of RAM, so, it is maximum dictionary size allowed by your contest, as I know.
email 2009, Nov 1


We use -d7 instead since we in fact have less memory available.

The program supports SFX archives, but we cannot use these because they require user interaction.

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Disqualified (why) configurations (with qualification ratings)
Ver Rating CPR DPR S.E. R.E. Ratio C. kB/s D. kB/s
-m1 -d7
0.79 158 150 167 96 20 3.162 746 741
-m2 -d7
0.79 181 170 191 76 38 3.338 505 504
-m3 -d7
0.79 175 165 186 74 37 3.337 490 491

Version info

0.79, tar: no, mode: 32-bit, crc32: 8b9b6635, decoder: 47 kB, tested: 2010 Apr 19
compression: bee.exe a -r -s <args> <cfile> <src>
decompression: bee.exe x <cfile>
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